GOG RE-GRIPPING, Cleaning, & Pick Up Service

Need to re-grip your set of clubs. 

No problem, and after we put your new grips on we give them a good cleaning.

Need grips...well we are the proud distributor of G-Rip golf grips. Tacky swing and putter grips. Buy 8 or more G-Rip Grips you pay nothing for installation services for the first 8 grips. 

We also carry a variety of instock swing and putter grips.

So go ahead, purchace our Pick up service and we will send you an email with an appointment for date and time for us to come pick up your clubs.

Or you can call us at 519 322 7106. This service is provided to the Windsor -Essex County 

Monday to Thursday 9am to 7pm & Sat & Sun10am to noon. 

Note: does not include grips 



Re-grip & Cleaning Service