Our Rangefinders have:

Locked and loaded with intelligent, game-changing features designed to eliminate pre-shot guesswork

Shoot an elevated flag with confidence

This water resistant, shock-proof device quickly finds the flag distance within 1 yard for precise club selection.

  • Slope Technology accurately measures exact distances to pin, whether on an uphill or downhill slope
  • Intelligent Pulse Technology delivers a vibrating burst when the focal point is acquired for confidence
  • Priority Loc Technology ignores background images to prioritize key focal points for accuracy
  • PinLoc Technology locks onto the target and displays distance on the ocular for 15 seconds
  • Scan Mode allows golfers to scan the terrain and receive instant distance measurements
  • Comes in 2 colors Red & White or Black & Red
  • Starts at $199 depending on the features



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Rangefinder with Slope & Jolt Features

C$219.00 Regular Price
C$179.00Sale Price
Distance & Colors