Each P2 grip has been designed so that it sits higher in the palm and fits into the lifeline without any conscious effort on the part of the golfer. What will have felt very strange to the golfer with a conventional smaller putter grip will instantly feel more comfortable with any of the P2 range. Also, as the shaft of the putter is angled towards the back of a P2 Grip you still have the sensation of gripping the putter in the base of the fingers making it feel more natural as you achieve this higher position in the palm of the hand.

Grip Options: Tour or Core

P2 Aware Tour- is a midsize hybrid pistol grip

P2 Classic Tour- is an oversize hybrid pistol grip

P2 React Tour - is an oversized grip with rounded sides, and minimal taper top to bottom

P2 Reflex Tour- is the biggest grip in the P2 range, with rounded sides and a flat surface for the thumbs to sit comfortably

Note: If you tend to find that your putter does not move away from the golf ball as smoothly as you would like, or that you struggle to find a nice rhythm or pace to your stroke then definitely consider the Core range *(see Core Grip)

P2 Putter Grips (TOUR)

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Tour Size
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