The P2 core range of putter grips are designed to be heavier than most standard oversize grips to assist a golfer’s control of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are skills which involve the small muscle groups such as the hands and fingers. These skills use fine and intricate movements for example when playing darts, snooker or putting in golf. Fine motor skills require more control and hand-eye coordination than gross motor skills.

Golfers who putt well have a high level of fine motor skills. 


Aware - Pistol 100gm

Clasic - Oversized hybrid pistol grip 126gm

React - Midsize/oversized grip V-Shape

Reflex - Oversized grip with rounded sides and minimal taper top to bottom V-Shape 182gm (largest grip)

If you tend to find that your putter does not move away from the golf ball as smoothly as you would like, or that you struggle to find a nice rhythm or pace to your stroke then definitely consider the Core range.

P2 Putter Grip (Core Model)

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