The ELIXR is our most advanced ball to date. This ball is was expertly crafted for golfers who are ready to take their game to the next level. We combined a polybutadiene rubber core, metal-infused ionomer mantle and cast urethane cover to create one of the most exceptional tour balls on the market. Our trifecta of advanced materials provide extraordinary distance, spin, control and feel off the face of the club. ADD IT TO YOUR GIFT BOX


  • Soft polybutadiene blended core designed for unrivaled velocity.

  • High modulus metal-infused mantle for optimal spin characteristics.

  • Enhanced proprietary urethane formulation for increased durability, touch and feel.


    Our innovative core composition delivers the highest initial velocity permitted by the USGA (99.84% of the allowable limit).  This translates into achieving maximum distance for all clubs


    The ELIXR has an 85-compression rating.

  • SPIN

  • Low driver spin and optimal launch angle yield extreme distance and control off the tee. Conversely, the desired mid to high spin rates allow for drop and stop performance with the scoring clubs.



$10.95 Shipping Canada

OnCore ELIXR Golf Ball

Sleeve or Dozen
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