The new A-Tac range of swing grips are made from a Japanese proprietary compound that has a feel all of its own, you really have to pick one up to see how different it is to a standard rubber grip.

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4 Colors Black, Blue, Red -Yellow 

The grips have a very tacky feel and when dried with a towel the compound becomes even tackier, thus helping you keep scoring even when its pouring.

No matter what the weather

A-Tac Grip SpecThe A-Tac The grip comes in mens size 60 Round.Weight 50 grams + or – 2.5 grams. STANDARD Size

We think the grips feel different to other grips so check it out. You will not know how good it feels unless you try it.Put some colour into your gameThe A-Tac grip is available in a choice of colours: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, GreenThe compound is ideal for use in hot weather when the hands become sweaty as the moisture from the hands makes the grip even stickier. The grip has a semi waterproof surface meaning it does not accept water like a rubber grip – as long as you can remove the main surface water the grip is very playable.

This gives the golfer confidence when playing in rainy conditions. When a grip gets wet many golfers grip harder as the club feels as though it will come out of their hands. The A-tac grip feels secure in the hands allowing the golfer to relax in their swing allowing them to concentrate on hitting the ball and not holding onto the club.

Free Grip Installation available with 10 or more grips

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G-RIP A-TAC Golf Grips

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