NOTE : The FL-1 is back order for April 28th

FL1 is a unique putting grip with an innovative triangular shape designed to help golfers find the correct hand positions. The V shape at the back of the grip sits perfectly into the fingers creating the right “feel”..

The key to the FL-1’s incredible performance is the lightweight EVA under-listing and microfibre cover. The cover itself has hundreds of tiny silicone buds on the surface.  The FL-1 also has unique moisture-repelling properties which means its a grip suitable for all environments and weather conditions.

Put some colour in your game

The FL-1 putter grip is available in a choice of colours: Black, Red, Blue, Burnt Orange and Apple Green. Save with set of 10 or more swing grips

FL-1 OVERSIZE Putter Grip from G-Rip

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