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Richard Rupert CEO


here's our motto..."WHERE modesty Meets Quality" 

Have you heard this... "it's what the pro's play"?

well, we are here to say..."it's your game."

 whether it's golf, pickleball or any sport, you need the equipment that best suits your game and YOUR BUDGET!

our online store was established in 2018, now our brick and mortar will open in March 2021 

Location: 5415 Wyandotte St E. (side) windsor, ontario 

grip on golf & pickleball zone will assist you with "youR" Game". 

If we don't carry it we'll help you find it.

we strive to help and provide you with the best experience as you choose what your game needs.

Wholesalers, retailers, and our online and in store customers can feel confident that we stand behind the quality of all our golf and pickleball products. affordable for all, quality second to nonE.  Happy Shopping!



204-5955 Ontario. St. Windsor, Ontario Canada N8S1W6 519 322-7106

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